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Friday, February 18, 2005
  Well I forgot
Oh well...

I missed the last 2 days of blogging... I am crap I know... So whats new..

I got a new pottery site that submitted to the directory today..
I like the stuff a lot. The site is called Meadowcroft Pottery, I'll post a link if and only if this site subscribes to the directory...

I know that’s a bit harsh but the directory needs subscriptions to say a live...
As I have said may times before the point of the directory is to promote craft websites from pottery to painting to handbags made by bag ladies lol.... (not all are made by bag ladies trust me!)

Anyway the subscription money is put straight back into advertising the site making it grow... I hope one day to make a small profit from the site when pos... I guessing in about 2-3 yrs the site may be big enough to stop putting all the money into advertising it... fingers crossed...

The craft forum is now not far off the 500 mark... with some 420 articles so far... :-)

Both the forum and the directory's traffic ( that the number of people whom visit the site) have gone mad... This blog has had so many visitors (lets say 20 a week and I’m 7 of them lol)

Anyway that’s me done...
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